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Life changes... Are you prepared?

Life Insurance

Life Insurance

If you have experienced any of the following life events recently, then it may be time for a life insurance policy review:

  • Marriage
  • Purchase of a new home
  • Changes to your business
  • Birth of child or grandchild
  • Children entering college
  • Retirement
  • Job Change

Interest rates and the economy are factors that can affect the performance of your life insurance as well.

In addition to a tax-free death benefit, many life insurance products provide living benefits including*:

  • Tax-deferred cash value accumulation
  • Long-Term Care Benefits
  • Waiver of premium in event of disability

If your personal or business situation is evolving or you would simply like to discuss some of the benefits of life insurance or other financial products, please contact your Signature Financial Partners financial professional.

*Some benefits are available through policy riders for an additional fee.

Long Term Care Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance

Many people conjure up an image of a nursing home when they think of long-term care. But long-term care does not always mean institutional care. Instead, it is primarily “custodial” care – personal, hands-on assistance to individuals who need help with the activities of daily living, or ADLs.

If you think long-term care is primarily needed by the elderly, you’re correct. But barely. Nearly 41% of long-term care is provided to people under age 65 who need help taking care of themselves after an accident or stroke or as a result of chronic illness or debilitating diseases.

Through the use of insurance, your Signature Financial Partners financial professional can help protect your assets from the rising costs of long term care that can affect your financial future and that of your loved ones.

Disability Income Insurance

Disability Income Insurance

Often overlooked is the need to protect one’s current income stream and future earnings in the event of a disability. We can help you protect future earnings from such an event.

  • Have you ever been too sick or hurt to work?
  • If you lost your income, how long would you be able to sustain your family before living became difficult?
  • How much of your income would you need to guarantee meeting your minimum standard of living?

To get started this Disability Insurance Needs Calculator can help you estimate how much disability insurance you may need if an accident or illness kept you from working and earning a paycheck.

Disability Insurance Needs Calculator
Our Insurance Partners

Our Insurance Partners

By collaborating with multiple insurance partners, we are able to provide our clients with a wide variety of insurance products and providers as well as competitive pricing to meet their needs.

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