Investment Advisory Services

  • We analyze the market and work with your investment committee to develop and maintain the plan's investment strategy
  • Conduct an independent, objective evaluation of your available investment options.
  • Offer you quarterly recommendations that are aligned with your specific objectives.
  • Then we stay in touch, continuously monitoring your plan and looking for ways to make it grow faster and work harder so that you’re in control of your future and your financial security.

RFP Process

Our own unique RFP process offers quantitative and qualitative metrics for a thorough and balanced analysis. We can quickly and efficiently validate your decision to remain with your current provider or uncover justification to move to an alternative provider.

If a full search is not your intention, allow us to conduct a fee benchmarking to ensure your compliance with ERISA requirements to periodically compare your plan to the marketplace.

Fidelity Standard Diversified PAi
Great West Ascensus AmericaOne  
Principal T. Rowe Price MassMutual  
Transamerica Vanguard Prudential  
John Hancock Charles Schwab BMO  

Participant Education Solution

  • Deliver pre-enrollment memos and announcementsto build plan excitement and anticipate questions prior to group enrollment.
  • Offer on-site group enrollment or individual meetings which are scheduled at your convenience.
  • Provide group investment education meetings which are designed to help existing participants make informed deferral and asset allocation decisions.
  • Group and Individual Investment Advice offers hands-on assistance to help participants select funds based on a customized risk profile questionnaire.
  • Gap Analysis identifies lifestyle needs and delivers meaningful retirement planning guidance.
  • Individual Financial Planning Services are also available and delivered to employees in an environment of privacy and trust.

Frequent and positive communication to participants can benefit everyone in the following ways:

  • Increases plan participation and elective deferral contributions
  • Promotes appropriate asset allocations
  • Builds greater financial security for plan participants
  • Lowers exposure to fiduciary liability and participant litigation
  • Participants can sit down with a licensed professional who conducts an extensive review of their financial profile with custom analysis on a range of financial needs including:
    • Retirement assets
    • Non-retirement assets
    • Investment selection
    • Asset protection
    • 529 college planning
    • IRA rollovers
    • Investment Diversification
    • Whole and Term life insurance

Plan Fiduciary Services

An effective retirement plan begins with a sound plan design strategy and grows with attentive execution. At SFP we provide full service retirement plan management and design (working with small, large and multiple employer plans).

Service provider and participant disclosure regulations issued by the U.S. Department of Labor directly affect plan sponsors’ fiduciary and compliance responsibilities to their plan and participants. Complete DOL 408(b)2 compliance

  • Best-in class investment options with industry leading custodians and record-keepers
  • Advanced, cutting-edge plan enrolment, education and videos
  • Full transparency in costs, no commissions or hidden revenue
  • Substantial cost savings
  • Fee Benchmarking
  • How to prevent IRS audits and common mistakes

Managed Account Portfolios

Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck
Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck